Yellowfields is a curated project by Georgia Hall, built for and by emerging artists and art professionals. Groups of artists, alongside a topic specialist, form thematic project groups each exploring societal themes connected to everyday life: the landscapes in which we live, sculpture by women within the public realm and labour from the female perspective. Collaborative publications will be produced which will, in turn, shape events host across Bristol and London.

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Autumn 2020


Established Curator Elisa Kay explores the earth in which we live in through the work of four contemporary artists who use their practice as a way to explore the landscapes in which consume them. Artists include, Abigail Reynolds, Eleanor Duffin, Libita Clayton and Olivia Jones.

An online presentation of sound and film work will be host in collaboration with Obsidian Coast on 7 - 8 November with a group discussion on 7 November at 4pm.

Photo credit: Olivia Jones, Dust, 2019. Installation shot. Image courtesy the artist.
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Autumn 2020

Production Production

In this edition, artist and writer Ellen Wilkinson explores labour and work from the female perspective alongside artists Freya Dooley, Jade Montserrat, Jo Lathwood and Harriet Bowman. Event on 24 October, host in collaboration with Eastside Projects.

Photo credit: Harriet Bowman, All Rounder (sad sale), 2018. Installation view of (Car) display unit. Spike Island, Bristol. Photograph by Stuart Whipps.
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Autumn 2020

Intuitive Geometries: Women Making Contemporary Sculpture

Curator and Art Historian Jennifer Dudley discusses the increased visibility of sculpture by women in Britain since the late 1970s, and how this has affected the ways emerging female artists are making sculpture today. To form this exploration, British sculptors, Olivia Bax, Linda Brothwell, Nika Neelova and Solveig Settemsdal are writting texts about their current practice.

Online symposuim event host by Standpoint Gallery in London, Saturday 17 November 2020, 3-5 pm.

Photo credit: Solveig Settemsdal, Sweet Jar, 2015. Made as part of a curated group project, exhibited in Test Space, Spike Island.